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Tile & Grout Cleaning in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Tile & grout cleaning in West Bridgewate

We are a top rated West Bridgewater, Massachusetts tile & grout cleaning company!

If you are looking for a professional West Bridgewater, Ma tile & grout cleaning company look no further! We are tile & grout cleaning Experts! Tile flooring is one of the most abused and overlooked flooring surfaces in homes simply because of the care involved in cleaning it. No one wants to scrub each tile and grout line for hours with small brushes while using irritating, harsh, and unsafe chemicals. This is where trusted professionals can help.

At Josh's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning our professional tile and grout cleaning service will get to the hidden dirt that lies deep within your grout. Grout is a porous material, which means it collects dirt, grease and moisture and eventually will discolor without a professional deep cleaning.

Our team members are expertly trained and experienced at cleaning tile and grout. Our industrial strength cleaning tools in the hands of our team will restore your tile and grout while removing the dirt and grime from down deep. Our system will remove more than 95% of the allergens that might be trapped in your grout.

Call for a free quote  508-217-7511

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Benefits of our West Bridgewater, Massacusetts tile & grout cleaning service:

Avoiding Expensive Replacements

Replacing tile flooring isn’t cheap! Regular cleaning helps preserve the life of tile flooring and reduces the chances of having to replacing it.


Keeping your protective seal and or natural shine

Cleaning your tile regularly can keep the dirt from destroying the beautiful shine and gloss of your tile. Overtime heavy foot traffic will diminish your protective seal and start to dull tiles natural or seal protective shine.

Avoid hours of unpleasant work by hiring a professional

Cleaning grout and tile is not as easy as it looks. By hiring a professional you can avoid hours of unpleasant work and breathing in those harsh unhealthy cleaning fumes.

Reduce mold and mildew

Mold makes homes appear dirty and impacts health. Professional tile and grout cleaning can reduce the likelihood that mold will build up in your grout lines.

Tile & grout protective sealer 

Our optional tile and grout sealer will help protect your West Bridgewater, Massachusetts tile flooring from heavy foot traffic.This helps keep your tile flooring looking better in between cleanings. Grout is a porous material that absorbs anything that might come in contact with it. The sealer not only protects the tile and grout over time, it also provides immediate protection against spills allowing you time to clean the spill before it is absorbed.

Our West Bridgewater, Massachusetts tile and grout cleaning equipment

Our tile and grout cleaning equipment uses a high power, industrial strength water pressure and a vacuum system. Our cleaning solutions are specially made to clean gout and will not leave any residue behind.

Tile & grout cleaning tips:

*Vacuum and sweep your flooring often to keep tile and grout free from dirt and soil that over time could become trapped within the grout lines.  

*After mopping rinse your tile and grout with a secondary bucket of clean water only. This will help prevent residue build up from cleaning agents. 

*Make sure not to use a daily cleaner that will break down the grout or sealer and result in dirtier
tile and grout

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Customer reviews from the West Bridgewater, Massachusetts area

5 star.jpg

Nora ********

In a few words, Josh is awesome! He did a great job cleaning my carpets at my residence, and now I have hired him to clean my commercial property as well. He is very professional, courteous, and enjoys his work. I would definitely recommend his services.

5 star.jpg

Lauren ********

Josh did a fantastic job of cleaning our carpets before we put our house on the market. He was recommended to us through my sister, who is a realtor. Josh is her go to guy for steam cleaning and I can now understand why. Great company great service!

5 star.jpg

Brent *********

I couldn't be happier with the end result! We just underwent a major renovation and our sofa & rugs were just full of dust. Josh was able to pull all of that out and they look brand new! 

5 star.jpg

Lezette ********

Josh was amazing!! He was on time and provided wonderful service. Most importantly he made the 7 year old carpet on my stairs look brand new again. I knew they were dirty but I didn't realize how dirty until after they were cleaned. Now I'm scheduling for a yearling cleaning.Thanks josh! 

5 star.jpg

Natalie ********

Josh is a really great guy. Very friendly and made me feel comfortable! He worked hard and got my carpets done in a really efficient amount of time. I feel like I made a friend as well. I will definitely give him a call next time I need my carpets cleaned! I highly recommend!

5 star.jpg


Josh's Carpet Cleaning did an amazing job on our building! Residents loved the look and smell of the hallways so much that they hired them to do their own units. Josh was professional, pleasant, and detailed. You won't be disappointed!

5 star.jpg

Kathy ********

I’m really happy with how my carpets are looking after Josh cleaned them. He did a fabulous job and was polite and professional. He left my house smelling and looking fresh! The white carpets are in excellent shape. I will be doing business with Josh again in the near future.

5 star.jpg

Emily ********

I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the results after Josh finished cleaning in my home. Fair price for excellent high quality work. He was prompt and prepared. He worked hard until he was done. Everything was exactly as promised. I would definitely use them again.

5 star.jpg


Josh was easy to work with, start to finish. I own two large dogs and my Sofa's needed help in a bad way! After Josh cleaned them they looked nearly new and smelled great! I'm sure I'll be calling josh in the near future for pet related issues. The joys of owning pets ;) 

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