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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

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We don't cover up bad odors we permanently remove them !

There is no doubt that our team loves pets but loving pets comes with some challenges. We agree with you that the challenges are worth it. So, what do we do when a pet accident leaves you with a long lasting odor? Give us a call because we have the experience and tools to remove the unwanted pet odors. If you don’t get the odor treated quickly, it is likely your pet will return to this spot to repeat the offense making the odor worse and potentially increasing the cost to treat the area.

REMEMBER: DON’T WAIT TO TREAT YOUR PET STAIN! Repeated accidents in the same spot will result in the urine penetrating through the multiple layers of material. The only way to stop this is eliminate the odor!

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Understanding an odorous stain

Understanding what happens when a pet urinates on the floor or any odorous chemical is spilled on your carpet or upholstery is vital to knowing how to remove it. When you look at the floor you see your carpet, however there are many other layers including the carpet, primary backing, secondary backing, carpet padding and sub-floor usually made of wood. The urine hits the carpet and then begins to soak into each layer as well as move through the layers. The severity of the stain and odor will be directly related to the amount of urine and how long the urine was left to sit before being treated.

Pet Odor removal and Urine Treatment Process

Our goal is to eliminate all traces of pet odor from your carpet and upholstery

Step 1: Inspection
Our team members will perform a thorough inspection of your home using a variety of tools including a special UV light which will show you every biological stain that exists including the ones you don’t know about!
Step 2: Pre-Treatment
Based on our inspection we will perform the appropriate pre-treatment based on the severity and type of staining including enzyme detergents, deodorisers and H202 organic bleaching if needed. 
Step 3: Extraction
We use our specialty equipment to provide a deep, powerful steam cleaning to your carpet. We use the appropriate detergents to provide the best possible cleaning. The goal is maximum odor removal based in the stain and odor severity.

Odor Severity

*Light Odor Problems

Our pre-treatment and steam cleaning process completely treats the carpet itself. If the pet odor problem is limited to the top layer of carpet, the odor may be removed by this cleaning, along with the application of a special deodorizer.
*Medium Odor Problems
If the urine has soaked all they down through the carpet, carpet backing and into the pad but has not saturated it we can still treat the problem. Our equipment is strong enough to treat all the way down through the carpet, backings and into the pad. Unfortunately we can not guarantee our ability to fully get the urine out at this level.
*Severe Odor Problems
When the urine or other odorous chemical has soaked all the way down to the sub-floor or if the affected area includes walls, baseboards, furniture or drapes, the effort required to remove the odor increases significantly. Replacement of sub-floor, baseboards or drywall are likely required to completely remove the odor. Additionally, the carpet usually has to be removed and the subfloor treated directly or often replaced. We will likely recommend carpet replacement to successfully eliminate the odor. Often our customer ask us to treat the spot anyway because we can often mask the odor for a period of time.

Removing Pet Urine Stains

Some pet stains are barely noticeable while others appear as light yellow or dark brown spots. With experience, these types of stains can often be eliminated but not every time. In some cases, urine stains simply cannot be removed from the carpet fibers, no matter the treatment process, chemicals or equipment used. We are confident that we can improve, if not fully remove, pet odor and stains from your carpet and upholstery.

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Service areas include parts of Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk and Middlesex Counties, Massachusetts

We are located in West Bridgewater Massachusetts and provide cleaning services for the Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Easton, Raynham and Norton, Massachusetts areas. We also provide cleaning services for Mansfield, Taunton, Middleborough, Carver and Plymouth Massachusetts areas. Although these are the towns we are mostly found in we also provide our services to parts of Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk and Middlesex Counties Massachusetts.

Plymouth County

Abington, Ma 

Avon, Ma 

Bridgewater, Ma

Brockton, Ma

Carver, Ma

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East Bridgewater, Ma

Halifax, Ma

Hanover, Ma

Bristol County

Attleboro, Ma

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Easton, Ma

Mansfield, Ma

North Easton

Norton, Ma

Taunton, Ma

Raynham, Ma

Berkley, Ma

Hanson, Ma

Kingston, Ma

Lakeville, Ma

Marshfield, Ma

Middleborough, Ma

North Carver, Ma

Pembroke, Ma

Plymouth, Ma

Norfolk County

Avon, Ma

Canton, Ma

Dover, Ma

Foxborough, Ma

Holbrook, Ma

Randolph, Ma

Medfield, Ma

Needham, Ma

Norfolk, Ma

Norwood, Ma

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Wrentham, Ma

Plympton, Ma

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Middlesex County

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Sudbury, Ma

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