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Amy Boughan

South Easton, Ma

Took a shot in the dark and tried Josh. Wow!  I am very pleased.  He was on time, dressed professionally and is a polite guy. He cleaned the carpets on my 1st floor, mattress, couches and chair.  They look great. Thanks Josh!   I highly recommend Josh!

Debbie *******

Easton, Ma

Highly recommended. !!! I have my own cleaning company and refer Josh all the time. He is reliable, reasonable pricing and does a fabulous job! He recently did a great job on removing pet stains and odors out of my friends sofa and ottoman. I used to use Stanley Steam but now I refer josh to all my clients! He's the best!


Bridgewater, Ma

I have to say I was very impressed with Josh's work. He's professional and courteous. My wife and I recently moved into a duplex in Easton. The former owners had three large dogs so we decided to have the carpets cleaned before we moved in. The smell was pretty intense but after Josh cleaned everything it smelled amazing! I realize those cleaning smells fade away but at least there's no dog smells!!! Thanks again Josh. I'll probably be calling you for our furniture soon enough

Kate Silva

West Bridgewater, Ma

I highly recommend Josh's carpet cleaning. It was poring rain and Josh still showed up exactly on time. He brought his own floor mats and wiped his feet every time he reinterred. My carpets came out wonderful! I give him 5 stars!

Lucy White

Bridgewater, Ma

Josh is great guy who loves his job and genuinely cares that the job is done well. He has a quick response time and was able to clean my finished basement carpets in a timely and professional manner. Highly recommended!

Depot Dach

Easton, Ma

I saw Josh's van in town and thought I'd give him a call.  (I prefer using local businesses.)  We have dogs and our carpets (and sofa) needed help in a bad way.  Josh was easy to work with and schedule with.  He was one time and very professional (both things I look for).  Our carpets and sofa look and smell great!  So much better than before.  We would highly recommend him!

Dave Hall

West Bridgewater, Ma

Did a great job. On time I will use them again.

Jake Smith

Middleborough, Ma

My wife and I just moved to East Bridgewater and Josh cleaned my carpets before we moved all our stuff in. Great guy great service!

Sherry Thomson

Raynham, Ma

I was referred to Josh by my sister. He was very good at what he does. My tile floors look brand new! Thanks Josh!

Sara Buckner

East Bridgewater, Ma

Josh is awesome! He's friendly, professional and gets the job done!!

Victoria Panora

Stoughton, Ma

Jay Grace

Easton, Ma

Josh is a great guy. I own two dogs that have been suffering from itching constantly. I've tried everything to help them but nothing was working. My local vet suggested it could be some kind of mites living in my carpets and I should have them steam cleaned. Sure enough it worked! Kind of disgusting to imagine what was in my carpets! Thanks Josh!

Karen Hetzel

Easton, Ma

Josh did a wonderful job with my couch and chair. He was polite, on time and focused. I will use his services again in the future.

Stash Fernanes

Stoughton, Ma

Josh was A1 on his work.  Left my couch good as new.  THANKS JOSH!

Janine R

Plympton, Ma

Josh's Carpet & Upholstery was excellent! He did such a fantastic job on our 3,000 square foot home. We had called lots of other carpet cleaning companies on the Cape that gave us quotes that were dishonest (meaning they said one price and then tried to charge hundreds of dollars more). Josh was honest, super friendly and very personable. He did a great job on our carpets and couch and charged us the price he quoted us. I look forward to having him work on our home in the future and highly recommend him.

Brian Paula

Bridgewater, Ma

Great reliable service, professional, courteous and happy to do the job! Would definitely recommend!

Jeff Gealeson

Pembroke, Ma

Amazing service! Hardworking and reliable, Josh has the type of work ethic that is hard to come by these days. If you need your carpets cleaned, look nowhere else!

Matt hashem

West Bridgewater, Ma

Fast and reliable service! Very professional and reasonably priced. Moved my furniture without hesitation. Josh is awesome and would recommend him to anyone.

Jon Pratti

Raynham, Ma

Excellent service and amazing job! I would definitely recommend to my friends. 

John Fulgoni

Middleborough, Ma

The extra mile! I had recently purchased an investment property in Bridgewater. I needed to get the floors and carpets done for a showing. I reached out to Josh's and spoke with Josh himself. He took pictures of the property and sent them to me before getting to work pointing out some problem areas and offering solutions. We agreed on a plan of action and shortly after I got a call from the property manager to tell me he was finished. She went on to tell me what a wonderful job he had done. She sent pictures of the completed job and will also be using Josh's in the future. From my experience you do not get this level of customer service from the Stanley Steamers of the world, I highly recommend Josh's.

Tommy O Conner

Halifax, Ma

Josh cleaned a camper for me, did a fantastic job neat and clean. He is quick to respond and easy to schedule with.

Brain Hurd

South Easton, Ma

Very professional and efficient, I highly recommend! Thank you Josh!

Tony Lonergan

East Bridgewater, Ma

Unbelievable work!! Josh renewed a stairs and hallway carpet that hadn’t been cared for properly in 3 years. Give him a call. You won’t be disappointed. And what’s even better - he made sure I was happy with the work. Thanks Josh. You will be my go to carpet cleaner for me and my clients.

Kasey Southwick

Abington, Ma

Josh did an amazing job on my entire upstairs tan carpets. I have 2 dogs who had accidents over the winter and created a few stains that I could not get out. Josh was not only able to get the stains out, but my carpets look brand new! I am so happy and will be using his services in the future.

Tracy Scott

Norton, Ma

Josh showed up on time and did a wonderful job. He cleaned our four bedrooms of carpet and also our tile floored bathrooms. Decent price and great results. 

Amy ********

Pembroke, Ma

Great guy! I was impressed. He removed a very large red stain. I thought I was going to have to replace my carpet but Wooooo Josh saved the day!

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