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Area Rug Cleaning Services

Area Rug Cleaning

We are area rug cleaning experts!

Area rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. They are valued like a piece of art and contribute to the comforts and style to our living places. Over time heavy foot traffic and air ventilation will cause your rugs to build up an unhealthy amount of dust and soils leaving behind a dirty, darkened sensation. With our professional cleaning we can safely clean, restore and bring your rugs back to their original vibrant color! Whether you're looking to have a delicate oriental rug clean or you're looking to have a modern day cheap department store rug cleaned we have the skills and experience to identify and safely clean them all!

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Reasons to hire a professional area rug cleaner

*You’ve had a spill or pet accident on your rug
No matter what has happen our trained professionals understand how to best tackle the problem for your rug and will guide you on what you should expect for results.

*The color of your rug is faded or less vibrant
You rug is likely dirty and has lost its sheen because of the dirt that is trapped in the rug. Our team can restore your rugs color and natural beauty.

*My are rug hasn’t been cleaned in years
If your are rug hasn’t been cleaned in years but still looks good, you should still have it cleaned. Your rug is woven together and it is holding all sorts of dust, mold and bacteria that our cleaning will remove or eliminate.

Area rug care and cleaning tips

Although a good area rug can last for decades, a little basic care is necessary to keep your beautiful floor covering looking its best. Below are a few tips to help you care for our rug:

*Rotate your rug. You do this to try to avoid excessive wear in any one area. It's a good idea to rotate your rug every couple of months.

*Avoid direct sunlight. Consider where you place your area rug. Placing your rug in direct sunlight will likely cause the dyes to fade.

*Vacuum often. Vacuuming your rug will not only remove the dirt and debris of everyday use but will keep the rug fibers from getting matted. If you are concerned about your vacuum damaging your carpet, give us a call so we can explain the best settings for your vacuum.

*Spot clean. In the event of an accident, immediately attempt to blot all the liquid with a cloth or paper towel. You can try to loosen the stain with a little club soda, if necessary. The best thing to do is call us immediately so we can save your investment.

Common area rug materials

Wool: This is the most commonly used antique rug material. It was favored as a material because it is soft, durable and easily available when they were made. You will also find goat and camel wool used in rugs produced in more rural areas where fine wool may be hard to acquire.

Silk: It is not often but some oriental rugs are made from silk. Silk is far more expensive to use as well as more difficult to weave. Therefore, silk is less common. The benefits of silk is that it is both strong and fine allowing for extremely intricate designs.

Cotton: Cotton is generally used in the foundation of rugs. However, some weavers (such as the Turkmen) use it to introduce white details, creating a contrast in color and texture. Cotton is sometimes treated and used to create an silk appearance.

Common area rug dyes

Synthetic Dyes: Synthetic dyes first appeared as early as the mid-1850’s. The very first synthetic dyes were produced from cancer causing materials (coal tar) and we called aniline dyes. Later safe synthetic dyes were developed called azo dyes. Early dyes often caused the colors to bleed and fade. It wasn’t until the 20 th century when a new synthetic dye called chrome mordant replaced these older, less reliable synthetic dying techniques. The vast majority of dyed material today is chrome mordant.

Natural Dyes: Natural dyes have been used for centuries and have found a renewed desire in the marketplace. Consumers are looking for the most natural rugs that use natural dyes. The natural dying process also called vegetal dyes are derived from insects, minerals, and parts of plants including roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits.

Mordants: Natural dyes used for wool rugs must use mordants. These are certain metallic salts of iron, aluminum, copper or tin, etc. and are used as chemical binders to attach natural dyes to wool fibers and to help with color variation.

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Service areas include parts of Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk and Middlesex Counties, Massachusetts

We are located in West Bridgewater Massachusetts and provide cleaning services for the Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Easton, Raynham and Norton, Massachusetts areas. We also provide cleaning services for Mansfield, Taunton, Middleborough, Carver and Plymouth Massachusetts areas. Although these are the towns we are mostly found in we also provide our services to parts of Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk and Middlesex Counties Massachusetts.

Plymouth County

Abington, Ma 

Avon, Ma 

Bridgewater, Ma

Brockton, Ma

Carver, Ma

Duxbury, Ma

East Bridgewater, Ma

Halifax, Ma

Hanover, Ma

Bristol County

Attleboro, Ma

Dighton, Ma

South Easton, Ma

Easton, Ma

Mansfield, Ma

North Easton

Norton, Ma

Taunton, Ma

Raynham, Ma

Berkley, Ma

Hanson, Ma

Kingston, Ma

Lakeville, Ma

Marshfield, Ma

Middleborough, Ma

North Carver, Ma

Pembroke, Ma

Plymouth, Ma

Norfolk County

Avon, Ma

Canton, Ma

Dover, Ma

Foxborough, Ma

Holbrook, Ma

Randolph, Ma

Medfield, Ma

Needham, Ma

Norfolk, Ma

Norwood, Ma

Plainville, Ma

Stoughton, Ma

Sharon, Ma

Walpole, Ma

Wellesley, Ma

Westwood, Ma

Weymouth, Ma

Wrentham, Ma

Plympton, Ma

Rockland, Ma

Rochester, Ma

Scituate, Ma

South Pond, Ma

Wareham, Ma

West Bridgewater, Ma

Whitman, Ma

Middlesex County

Holliston, Ma

Sherborn, Ma

Natick, Ma

Wayland, Ma

Weston, Ma

Sudbury, Ma

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