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Steam Cleaning Services 

Steam Cleaning Bridgewater, Ma

We are a top rated steam cleaning company!

Did you know that steam cleaning is the number one recommended cleaning method by doctors and in home environmental air specialist? Steam cleaning is a process that involves cleaning with pressurized hot water and a powerful truck mount vacuum that simultaneously washes and vacuums at the same time. Also known as “ hot water extraction”. This process uses heat and water pressure to blast away dirt, soils and allergens away from your carpet and upholstery. Our high powered vacuum then pulls away the loose soils and removes 99% of detergents and remaining water leaving your carpets and upholstery clean and dry as possible.

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What are the benefits of hiring a steam cleaning company?

Steam cleaning has been proven to be the healthiest and most effective way to clean your carpets and upholstery, and provides a wide-range of benefits. Here are just a few:

Recommended by Doctors and indoor environmental specialist:

It’s been tested and proven many times that steam cleaning is the most effective way of removing harmful germs, allergens and bacteria from your indoor living environment. Steam cleaning remove up to 97% of allergens. 

Superior Stain and Dirt Removal:

When hot vapor hits the fibers of your carpet or rug, the extreme heat weakens the very bonds that hold dirt and staining compounds to those fibers. Once weakened, dirt and stains can be removed far more easily. It’s the same principle that makes washing your clothes in hot water so much more effective. The vapor will also work its way down to the deepest layers, providing a more thorough clean than vacuuming or shampooing. 

Kills Bacteria and Mites:

Bacteria, mold, fungi, and dust mites can all thrive in carpet, and it can be very tough to remove them when using conventional cleaning methods. With steam cleaning, the heat of the vapor is enough to kill those unwanted invaders. 

Steam Cleaning vs Carpet Shampooing:

Steam cleaning has been proven to be a more effective cleaning process over carpet shampooing. Carpet shampooing involves rotary pads for cleaning and water extraction. Although it does a decent job it doesn't completely rinse and extract all of the detergents and soils deep in your carpets. To the eye it looks clean but hidden deep down inside your carpet remains hidden soils, detergents and dust mites the rotary pad simply couldn't reach. This is a huge problem with people suffering from allergies as carpet shampooers don't use high heat to kill germs and mites.

Effects of Humidity

Most carpets will take around 4-6 hours to dry after a professional steam cleaning. Humidity levels can extend that period. During the summer months, temperatures rise and the air becomes more humid. The steam cleaning process uses water in the process. This moisture then needs to evaporate from your carpet or upholstery, and this happens when the surrounding air is dryer than the carpet. When conditions are humid, the air is already full of moisture. The dryer the air the more moisture it can absorb and vice versa. So your carpet is going to take longer to dry when it is humid. Here are some things you can do to promote drying:

*Run your air conditioner before and after we arrive. This will lower the humidity in the air and promote faster drying times. It acts like a dehumidifier

*Open windows to allow air flow through the home. The air moving will pick up the moist air and replace it with dryer air helping to speed the drying process.

*Run your ceiling fans. Again, this is to promote air movement which will naturally reduce the humidity levels in the air and promote drying.

*Have your carpets cleaned more often. The more the carpet or upholstery is soiled the more water vapor that is used. Having our team clean your carpet more often will allow our team to use less water and allow for faster carpet drying times

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Service areas include parts of Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk and Middlesex Counties, Massachusetts

We are located in West Bridgewater Massachusetts and provide cleaning services for the Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Easton, Raynham and Norton, Massachusetts areas. We also provide cleaning services for Mansfield, Taunton, Middleborough, Carver and Plymouth Massachusetts areas. Although these are the towns we are mostly found in we also provide our services to parts of Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk and Middlesex Counties Massachusetts.

Plymouth County

Abington, Ma 

Avon, Ma 

Bridgewater, Ma

Brockton, Ma

Carver, Ma

Duxbury, Ma

East Bridgewater, Ma

Halifax, Ma

Hanover, Ma

Bristol County

Attleboro, Ma

Dighton, Ma

South Easton, Ma

Easton, Ma

Mansfield, Ma

North Easton

Norton, Ma

Taunton, Ma

Raynham, Ma

Berkley, Ma

Hanson, Ma

Kingston, Ma

Lakeville, Ma

Marshfield, Ma

Middleborough, Ma

North Carver, Ma

Pembroke, Ma

Plymouth, Ma

Norfolk County

Avon, Ma

Canton, Ma

Dover, Ma

Foxborough, Ma

Holbrook, Ma

Randolph, Ma

Medfield, Ma

Needham, Ma

Norfolk, Ma

Norwood, Ma

Plainville, Ma

Stoughton, Ma

Sharon, Ma

Walpole, Ma

Wellesley, Ma

Westwood, Ma

Weymouth, Ma

Wrentham, Ma

Plympton, Ma

Rockland, Ma

Rochester, Ma

Scituate, Ma

South Pond, Ma

Wareham, Ma

West Bridgewater, Ma

Whitman, Ma

Middlesex County

Holliston, Ma

Sherborn, Ma

Natick, Ma

Wayland, Ma

Weston, Ma

Sudbury, Ma

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