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Drapery and Fabric Cleaning

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We often think of hiring a professional to clean our carpets or furniture but the drapes and curtains in our home seem to be the last thing we think of needing to be cleaned. Your drapes and curtains may look like they’re in great shape but maybe trapping a large amount of dust, dirt, and allergens. Eventually, the physical appearance of the drapes or curtains will suffer as the dirt and dust will reduce the quality of the color, texture and pattern.

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Regular professional cleaning of your drapery or curtains will prolong the life of the fabrics and help to maintain the original color, texture and pattern of the drapes! Our technicians will provide a professional on-site drapery cleaning. Our drapery cleaning process will remove dirt, odors and allergens from your drapery or fabrics.

1. We begin by using our industrial strength vacuums to remove dirt, dust and allergens from your drapes or fabrics.

2. We then further extract dirt, dust, allergens, as well as odors and smoke from your drapes or fabrics, leaving them fresh and looking like new.

Knowing the fabrics makes a difference

The type of fabric, and how the drapes are constructed may dictate how we clean them.

Curtains and drapes with stitched in pleats or swags: Be careful with home washing techniques with these types of drapes because the linings and seams may shrink or come apart under machine- or hand-washing.

Wool or cashmere: These are delicate fabrics that require special attention and knowledge to clean. Again home washing in a machine or by hand will likely ruin drapes made from these fabrics.

Cotton: If your drapes are made from cotton and contain a lining , they should not be washed in a machine or by hand as this process may ruin the drapes.

Synthetic fabrics: Dry-cleaning solvents may degrade synthetic fabrics, so these should be hand- or machine-washed or cleaned by a professional service.

Silk curtains: These can usually be hand washed and should never be put into a machine wash. Also, some home detergents can ruin the fabric.

Sheer curtains: These need cleaning even more often because they will become discolored if you wait too long between cleanings.

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