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Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Oriental rugs are prized for their natural beauty and intricacy. Their ancient and intricate designs, natural fibers, durability and extensive workmanship make them the most valuable and highly sought after rugs in the world. They are chosen similar to works of art and great care is taken to select the right carpet made from the best materials and dyes. But over time these heirloom carpets are often in need of cleaning, even if you have been consistent with vacuuming. Our team has over 15 years of professional experience cleaning oriental rugs. You can trust our team to restore your oriental rug’s beauty without causing any damage to the rug.

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Why choose our team to clean your oriental rug?

* We have over 10 years of professional oriental rug cleaning experience

* We know how to identify and treat the different oriental rug materials
*If will test the colorfastness of your rug before we begin to ensure a safe cleaning experience
*We are experts at dealing with all manner of spills and stains

Reasons you should call a professional to clean your Persian Rug

*You’ve had a spill or pet accident on your rug
No matter what has happen our trained professionals understand how to best tackle the problem for your rug and will guide you on what you should expect for results
*The color of your rug is faded or less vibrant
You rug is likely dirty and has lost its sheen because of the dirt that is trapped in the rug. Our team can restore your rugs color and natural beauty
*My Persian Rug hasn’t been cleaned in years
If your Persian rug hasn’t been cleaned in years but still looks good, you should still have it cleaned. Your rug is woven together and it is holding all sorts of dust, mold and bacteria that our cleaning will remove or eliminate

Oriental rug care and cleaning tips

Your Oriental rug can last for generations with the right care and maintenance. Below are a few tips to help you keep your oriental rug looking beautiful:

*Rotate your rug.

You do this to try to avoid excessive wear in any one area. It's a good idea to rotate your rug every couple of months.

*Avoid direct sunlight.

Consider where you place your Persian rug. Placing your rug in direct sunlight will likely cause the dyes to fade.

*Vacuum often.

Vacuuming your rug will not only remove the dirt and debris of everyday use but will keep the rug fibers from getting matted. If you are concerned about your vacuum damaging your carpet, give us a call so we can explain the best settings for your vacuum.

*Spot clean.

In the event of an accident, immediately attempt to blot all the liquid with a cloth or paper towel. You can try to loosen the stain with a little club soda, if necessary. The best thing to do is call us immediately so we can save your investment.

The difference between Oriental and Persian Rugs

At first glance it may be impossible to the untrained eye to distinguish between Oriental and Persian rugs however there are some differences. Below are some ways you can distinguish between the two:
1. Country of origin
This may seem simple but true Persian rugs come specifically from Iran and some small tribal areas of Pakistan. Oriental rugs come from Turkey, India, Egypt, Tibet and of course China.
2. Knots
Both rugs are hand knotted on looms. Oriental rugs are woven using a symmetrical Ghiordes knot. Persian rugs are woven using asymmetrical Senneh knots. The Sennah knots are considered to be more precise.
3. Washing
The process of hand washing a rug creates a big difference between Oriental and Persian Rugs. Persian rug makers use techniques going back centuries and are one of the reasons that Persian rugs are thought to be the softest in all the world.

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