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Area Rug Cleaning in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Area Rug cleaning West Bridgewater, Ma

We are West Bridgewater, Massachusetts area rug cleaning specialist!

Are you looking for a professional area rug cleaning company in the West Bridgewater, Ma area? Look no further! We specialize in cleaning all kind of rugs from antique oriental rugs to modern day wool rugs. With over 10 years of experience cleaning antique and delicate fabric rugs, we will leave your carpets like new and without risk of damaging them. Each rug is inspected and treated with the utmost care and provided with individual attention.

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Why choose us to clean your West Bridgewater, Ma area rugs?

* We have the experience and special training to effectively clean your rugs without damaging them.

* We inspect the rug to identify the material and backing to ensure the proper techniques are employed when cleaning the rug

* We check every rug for colorfastness with a dye bleed test to ensure the color won’t run during the cleaning or drying process

We can clean your rug in your home without removing it!

Area rug cleaning tips

Spot Cleaning Spills
1. The key here is to act quickly. Do not let the spill sit on the fibers as to penetrate the fibers themselves or leak down to the bottom of the carpet. Many rugs use backing materials that will wick up the spill so act fast!

2. Using a towel immediately to blot the spill. DO NOT RUB or you can make the stain worse. Your goal here is to soak up as much of the spill as possible without pressing it into the rugs fibers.

3. If the spill is colored and you are concerned about it effecting the rugs fibers, use some water to dilute the stain and blot.

4. You can use a soft bristle plastic brush and use a mix of mostly water and a small amount of mild soap and gently scrub the area and then rinse with clean water.

5. Finally blot again and then allow the rug to dry before being used again. If your rug still needs to be cleaned the best step is to give our professionals a call. We will take every step possible to clean and restore your West Bridgewater, Massachusetts rugs back to their original beauty!

Common rug materials

Most vintage rugs are comprised of two parts. They carpet fibers and the foundation. In most cases the foundation of the rug, also called the warp and weft, is typically made of cotton. However, it is not uncommon to find wool or silk. The pile is the carpet fibers you see that make up the designs and the most common materials used here are silk, wool, cotton.

Silk: Depending on where your rug originated from, it may contain silk as the pile material. Silk is far more expensive to use and therefore less common. The benefits of silk is that it is both strong and fine allowing for extremely intricate designs.

Wool: This is the most commonly used antique rug material. It was favored as a material because it is soft, durable and easily available when they were made.

Cotton: Cotton is generally used in the foundation of rugs. However, some weavers (such as the Turkmen) use it to introduce white details, creating a contrast in color and texture. Cotton is sometimes treated and used to create a silk like appearance.

Area rug FAQs

How often should I have my rugs cleaned?
Using home vacuums alone won't keep up with high foot traffic and over time soils will find their way deep into your rugs. We highly recommend having your West Bridgewater, Massachusetts rugs cleaned every six months or less. This will also greatly improve your indoor air quality.

How can I fix a snag in my rug?
Never pull on a snagged rug fiber. Instead, lift the fiber and clip it right at the source.

How do I store my rug?
First, make sure your rug is clean before you store your rug! Once clean, roll the rug and then wrap it in a heavy duty plastic. It is usually advised to use a moth repellent inside the plastic. Secure the plastic with tape to ensure it is sealed against pests.

What is a woven rug?
A woven rug is manufactured using a mechanical loom with yarn that is interwoven. They can be flat or raised pile. Some are made using synthetic fibers which increase the rugs durability but can also be made from organic materials. Some rugs are also hand woven and typically more expensive, use organic materials and do not last as long.

What is a tufted rug?
If you are looking for a soft / plush rug then you want one that is tufted. They are usually produced using a tufting gun by hand. They are considered to be a little easier to produce than a woven rug. The tufting gun pulls the carpet fibers through the backing in loops and are locked in place with a rubber backing. This style of rug will show texture and patterns in the different pile areas and is suggested to be placed
in lower traffic areas.

What is a printed rug?
Printed rugs simply have a patter or design sprayed on them with a combination of dyes and set with steam and heat. These are the most affordable type of rug and usually what you find in discount stores.

What is a flat weave rug?
Flat weave rugs are created on a loom using a process that is not as labor-intensive. Typically made from wool or cotton, their looped construction creates a flat, thin style of carpet. This type of construction is considered versatile because they are often reversible.

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Customer reviews from the West Bridgewater, Massachusetts area

5 star.jpg

Nora ********

In a few words, Josh is awesome! He did a great job cleaning my carpets at my residence, and now I have hired him to clean my commercial property as well. He is very professional, courteous, and enjoys his work. I would definitely recommend his services.

5 star.jpg

Lauren ********

Josh did a fantastic job of cleaning our carpets before we put our house on the market. He was recommended to us through my sister, who is a realtor. Josh is her go to guy for steam cleaning and I can now understand why. Great company great service!

5 star.jpg

Brent *********

I couldn't be happier with the end result! We just underwent a major renovation and our sofa & rugs were just full of dust. Josh was able to pull all of that out and they look brand new! 

5 star.jpg

Lezette ********

Josh was amazing!! He was on time and provided wonderful service. Most importantly he made the 7 year old carpet on my stairs look brand new again. I knew they were dirty but I didn't realize how dirty until after they were cleaned. Now I'm scheduling for a yearling cleaning.Thanks josh! 

5 star.jpg

Natalie ********

Josh is a really great guy. Very friendly and made me feel comfortable! He worked hard and got my carpets done in a really efficient amount of time. I feel like I made a friend as well. I will definitely give him a call next time I need my carpets cleaned! I highly recommend!

5 star.jpg


Josh's Carpet Cleaning did an amazing job on our building! Residents loved the look and smell of the hallways so much that they hired them to do their own units. Josh was professional, pleasant, and detailed. You won't be disappointed!

5 star.jpg

Kathy ********

I’m really happy with how my carpets are looking after Josh cleaned them. He did a fabulous job and was polite and professional. He left my house smelling and looking fresh! The white carpets are in excellent shape. I will be doing business with Josh again in the near future.

5 star.jpg

Emily ********

I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the results after Josh finished cleaning in my home. Fair price for excellent high quality work. He was prompt and prepared. He worked hard until he was done. Everything was exactly as promised. I would definitely use them again.

5 star.jpg


Josh was easy to work with, start to finish. I own two large dogs and my Sofa's needed help in a bad way! After Josh cleaned them they looked nearly new and smelled great! I'm sure I'll be calling josh in the near future for pet related issues. The joys of owning pets ;) 

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